Centra 2.73.0

Released on 18 of March

🥝 New Features

  • Possibility to remove only one direction of product relation in batch action
  • Due date in Wholesale > Sales > Invoices is now only calculated when payment term is selected, if it is not - it can be set manually. Due date in Retail > Sales > Invoices can only be set manually
  • Option to filter out delivered items from packing list export made from Orders

🐛 Bugs

  • Hotfix: Make sure we pick the right variant (now only based on URI + variant ID) from ES when we get multiple results
  • Remove duplicated field "item group by" in Facebook Feed. Also, if selected "Do not group" no value will be provided at all
  • Hotfix: Make split by X orders have a discount as well. If you had created an order in the Showroom that qualified to be split by X, Centra did not save the correct discount information on the order. So when you tried to add another product to the order after it was placed that product would not receive the appropriate discount
  • Hotfix: ShopAPI products mixup
  • Add script to fix negative FTA on warehouse items
  • Hotfix: FixAvailibility did not work properly with Shared stock items
  • Invoiced: Report duplicating report rows
  • Duplicate customers getting created while placing an order with KCO
  • Hotfix: ES bulk insert failed type mismatch
  • Fix wrong param type in ShopAPI response
  • Hotfix: Ensure we can send weight with 3 decimals to shipping providers
  • Correct telephone number on packing list

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