Centra Showroom 1.74.0

Released on 18 of May

🥝 Added

  • Showroom CMS - To personalize your Showroom you can create a Home-page per market in the new Showroom CMS
  • Display notification after modifying buyer and shipping address

♻️ Changed

  • New version of order steps for new order flow
  • Split by delivery window is now a default option when creating a Wholesale store

🐛 Fixed

  • Display invoice number instead of invoice ID
  • Issue with bottom bar totals moving around when navigating between pages was fixed
  • Issue with always creating a new order sheet when navigating to Showroom using generic link was fixed
  • Fix search button alignment on mobile screen
  • Issue with overflowing custom attributes on units page was fixed
  • Issue with misleading cursor behaviour in edit mode on Settings page was fixed. When hovering over disabled file upload field
  • Retry loading images after failing
  • Prevent accessing start page by anonymous user
  • Issue with Showroom filters not being removed from page URL when unchecking them was fixed
  • Issue with line sheet images not being big enough even though fulfilling the conditions to render larger images was fixed

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