Centra 2.81.0

Released on 13 of July

🥝 New Features

  • Payment in showroom
  • Expose start/resume/cancel functionality to Subscription API
  • Add pspReference as link to Adyen checkout
  • Add Tax Class selector to Retail checkout in Centra AMS
  • Add recurring payments in KCOv3
  • Add possibility to synchronise historical data in Voyado plugin and possibility to send newsletter subscriber as contact to Voyado
  • Improved UI for returns with bundles inside the order in Centra AMS

Here are some article written about the new advanced Tax Rules:
Tax Groups and Tax Rules
How to import Tax Rules
Tax Class
Using Tax Classes and dual Tax Rules to handle tax exempt orders

🐛 Bugs

  • Fix class name
  • Made confirmation emails send after the order is split
  • Only use size table indices when all are accessible
  • Catch BundleException and show as an error for API users
  • Products events are populated now when market event occurs
  • Fix problem with SIE4 module
  • Add basic cache to campaigns
  • Hotfix: Voyado using standard image size
  • Remove createFromInvoiceArray on the Credit note creation

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