Centra 2.78.0

Released on 1 of June

🥝 New Features

  • New user level in Centra - Partner administrator that will get access to limited debug-log
  • Enable support for published custom fields in Checkout API. All fields will be selected by default and visible in API
  • Add support for adding flexible bundles to cart in Checkout API
  • New API call for M3 integration when Ingrid adds field values to Order
  • Updated stock editor for bundles
  • Stock overview for the whole bundle on bundle product page
  • Orders popup on bundle product page

🐛 Bugs

  • Hotfix: Visual bug with bundle price on shipment view
  • Show VAT number in Invoice Report if VAT number can be seen in Centra
  • Fix tax class saving on account
  • Fix problem caused by Klarna when they made changes to the checkoutID url
  • Hotfix: Handle VAT type for redis selections
  • Hotfix: Send shipping date to Fortnox instead of order date
  • Hotfix: Return correct address name in Order API
  • Format invoice delivery date
  • Fix tax calculator creation
  • If bundle item row on an order, delivery or invoice has price - show it
  • Use same trait on SelectionUpdate as on the other calls + Fix Market switch on CheckoutAPI
  • The old_data might not be available on customer updates
  • Hotfix: Send actual connected product ID for old orders as well in SOAP API
  • Hotfix: Bundle stock calculation
  • Hotfix: Fix for bundles when contained item does not have price
  • Account discount failures in Showroom
  • Set default cost type on additional costs from invoice
  • Fix PayPal zero amount
  • Remove duplicated meta description from product localize page

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