Centra 2.72.0

Released on 4 of March

🥝 New Features

  • Update prolog integration
  • Add countryOfOriginName localization to product catalog in ShopAPI

🐛 Bugs

  • Export ordersheet proper error handling
  • Fix Fortnox sync
  • Fix fatal in Abalon module
  • Hotfix: Basket data must be array
  • Fixed flags reset bug on orders (Affected dashboard) when cancelling variants/products in catalog
  • Hotfix: Back to the nulls
  • Display filter URI showed wrong from wrong store
  • Hotifix: ShopAPI products mixup
  • SOAPAPI: Add better logic for finding order for update/insert, add errors if not found
  • Wrong unit price in order receipt and shipping confirmation
  • C/O address field is missing when using PayPal via Klarna
  • Ability to disable the auto sanitization happening on formfields

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