Centra Showroom 1.79.0

Released on 27 of July

🥝 Added

  • Enable duplicate page functionality in CMS
  • Display variants on sale in different delivery windows in product matrix
  • Possibility to reorder text parts in CMS
  • Possibility to select linesheet template on order details page
  • Possibility to add and delete text parts in CMS
  • Possibility to add link to text in CMS

🐛 Fixed

  • Prevent multiple product details requests
  • Update page title
  • Size gets cut in the line sheet
  • Size charts with duplicated sizes in line sheets
  • No confirmation being sent when order is split by delivery window and auto confirm orders is enabled
  • Issue with all of the delivery windows being displayed in the checkout and my selection pages
  • Issue with shipping preferences not being displayed in checkout

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