Centra 2.89.0

Released on 2 of November

🥝 New Features

  • Update logic in UPS plugin to adhere to latest UPS API requirements
  • Expose Warehouse data in Integration API
  • Expose Brick and Mortar data in Integration API
  • Added Allocation Rule in Order and Shipment summary
  • Integration API updates
    • OrderLine exposed in Integration API
    • Stock exposed in Integration API
    • Token management in Centra backend for Integration API

🐛 Bugs

  • Dashboard shows different values for DelWin specific sales
  • Wrong conversion rate was applied when calculating and converting to base currency on Supplier Delivery summary
  • Localize files not exported by Store as selected
  • Klarna rejected orders - Vouchers were applied in a wrong way
  • Fixed functionality to mark an invoice as paid in SOAP API
  • Call to applyTax in ReloadBasketService in ShopAPI was missing the city and zip
  • Trigger update event for all campaign products on campaign change
  • Categories sort order was not respected in Showroom

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