Centra 2.76.0

Released on 4 of May

🥝 New Features

  • Add support for Apple Pay & Google Pay in Stripe Payment Intents (PI) integration
  • In M3 module use only handling cost in imported returns
  • Add Promotion redeem in Voyado integration
  • Add “created from” event for returns created via orderAPI

🐛 Bugs

  • Update Stripe Checkout problem with items total being different than order total
  • Remove conversion to ISO-8859-1 inside DHL shipment request and fix strange characters in documents.
  • PayPal in KCOv3 should not be loaded if order total is 0
  • Fix issue with empty wholesale order id’s
  • Fix for undefined return value
  • Update to use store ID from basket when adding a new product to existing order & removed SKU duplication in document exports
  • Use information from Delivery address when creating an order shipment with auto capture in order to make sure that orders with changed total/refund before capture will be capturable via Order API.
  • Update KCOv3 session when locale changes to prevent different languages on the site and in the checkout
  • When updating prices in multiview add proper formatting for price to have matching prices on the variant
  • Visual calculation bug on Expedite/Return view

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