Centra 2.82.0

Released on 27 of July

🥝 New Features

  • Additional field with payment method in extraData sent to Voyado
  • New webhooks in Subscription API: paused, resumed, updated, removed, restored. Additionally added the possibility to fetch subscription information in Subscription API
  • Extend Order API with possibility to create vouchers
  • Webhook on market deletion now has products array with products related to the deleted market. With that update Centra will send pushes for products when changing markets in market view

🐛 Bugs

  • Add groupBy variant and market filtering for OrderAPI /products
  • Add possibility to change order price on the bundle product in Centra AMS
  • Take a decision about big-matrix class based on size table or stock
  • Show an error for bundles, bundles should not be shown when size charts do not match
  • Display correct discounts on Order export PDF with bundles in it

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