Centra 2.75.0

Released on 20 of April

🥝 New Features

  • Update Adyen Checkout Web SDK to 1.9.14
  • Add conversion of state codes to ISO-2 format, since Japan/China/Indonesia did not work well with PayPal
  • Rename Prolog plugin to SC Logistics
  • Rename Memnon apport plugin to Unifaun Web-TA
  • Remove Rulemailer v2
  • Rename field "List ID" to “Audience ID" according to MailChimp changes in Mailchimpv2 plugin
  • Rename Navision to SOAP API

🐛 Bugs

  • Facebook feed: Don't add second '-s' prefix to g:id
  • Voucher export error with no possibility to open the file
  • ES was giving errors when no data was in, due to no mapping of isPrimaryVariant
  • Batch option “Allocate/Unallocate” sometimes didn't work when the product filter was used
  • Add event when order is updated to have been captured as intended, this will make sure ES is updated when capture is done and waiting for payment will stop showing up in the list
  • Fix tax calculation in expedite view
  • Only billing address was seen in KCO for US
  • Hotfix: OrderAPI product images, use proper extension based on settings
  • Hotfix: Add whitelist of country states to M3

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