Centra 2.70.0

Released on 5 of February

🥝 New Features

  • Added the ability to read stock statuses per product per order via API
  • Added product attributes settings to the Showroom plugin. This adds new settings to the showroom plugin that lets you setup which product attributes you want to be visible on the product listing and details pages
  • Update tax rule UI functionality. Removed possibility to switch between “Include tax” functionality, when “ship-to state” is selected
  • Added the ability to send "Welcome" showroom emails from Centra admin
  • Add Purchase order (PO) number to invoice email

🐛 Bugs

  • Make sure order is always fetched properly in ReceiptService using doneBasket
  • Hotfix: Make sure /receipt doesn't load any order when there is no completed
  • Hotfix: SOAP API Variation flip
  • Add additional check for orders without any products
  • Fix Prolog export with empty warehouse id for wholesale
  • Show only custom attributes in product group
  • Hotfix: Selection attach Checkout API v4
  • Hotfix: Stripe Checkout debug plugins

👵🏼 Deprecated

  • Remove 'Likes' and button 'Show additional features' on display level
  • Disable adding bundles to bundles

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