Centra 2.69.0

Released on 20 of January

🥝 New Features

  • Possibility to add EAN/UPC to document template (Order confirmation, Invoice, Proforma, Delivery note). To set it up go to: Sales > Invoices > Document templates > General template (or the one needed to modify with EAN)
  • Added validation to avoid problems when allocation rules is not connected to any warehouse
  • Do not generate Packinglist for delivered items. No need to have a packing list on items that are shipped already
  • Add refund information to the Order history

🐛 Bugs

  • Stock export file was not showing the expected stock when using Incoming option. Now Incoming will show Linked + Unlinked stock. Unlinked option added to keep the existing functionality.
  • Fix the wrong conversion rate in Inventory: History report
  • Make sure elasticsearch-variable is not used for qualification
  • CheckoutAPI shipTo bug with the picking up wrong country
  • Hotfix: speed up event API filter
  • Related products did not show up in CheckoutAPI
  • Showroom campaign on delwin applied to all delwins
  • Race condition in BasicCache
  • ReturnCompleteException, which occured when someone tried to complete already completed return or uncomplete uncompleted one
  • Properly validate Adyen "live" parameter (if false is string) in notifications
  • Hotfix: clear Ingrid session if update gives an exception
  • We got webhooks multiple times, make sure pluginPosition ORDER_CREATED only runs when the order was properly completed.
  • Make sure localized categories are arrays in Checkout API
  • Prevented multi-plugin setup in Stripe
  • Hotfix: Make centra checkout script work on IE11
  • Hotfix: When customer attribute voyado_customer_id is not set in Voyado, a request to find or create one is made. Then the attribute is being set on the customer. Attributes are only loaded once per request and that resulted in the missing data.

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