Centra 2.74.0

Released on 6 of April

🥝 New Features

  • Accept supplier orders without adding stock through Order API
  • Adding states into country (for PayPal)
  • Added gender to newsletter-subscription endpoints
  • Shop API support for stock item events
  • Allow for partial matches and dashes when searching vouchers by code
  • Possibility to see different currencies in Total column of supplier order

🐛 Bugs

  • Invoiced Report generated with duplicating report rows
  • Hotfix: Voyado integration issue with sending a receipt for just created member
  • Hotfix: product import affected other pricelists, even other stores
  • Hotfix: Newsletter-subscribe - auto registered customers should be updated if language information is provided
  • Hotfix: Bundles can have quantity modified via put/delete item endpoints
  • When price was updated, variant prices were added as 0
  • Hotfix: Wrong type in discount when dealing with multi delivery window orders
  • Make sure relatedVariants never contain their own relatedVariants
  • Packing list plugin, page breaked and export starts from the blank page

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