How to configure Voyado

Introducing Voyado

Voyado is a marketing automation platform with CRM and loyalty program features.

Integrating Centra with Voyado enables multiple useful exchanges of data between the systems, including:

  • Sending Customer data from Centra to Voyado to maintain a 360 degree customer view in Voyado
  • Sending Order data from Centra to Voyado, to be used e.g., for segmentation of campaigns
  • Triggering certain transactional emails to be sent by Voyado
    Please note: At the time of writing, it is not possible to transfer Customer data from Voyado into Centra.

Integration options

There are two principle ways of creating an integration between Centra and Voyado:

  1. Build a custom integration, connecting Centra and Voyado in the exact way that is needed to support your business, potentially also involving 3rd party systems (e.g., PoS, loyalty program, ERP, additional CRM, …)
  2. Use the off-the-shelf Voyado integration plugin available in Centra, enabling quick access to the most common workflows

The off-the-shelf Voyado integration plugin enables the following:

  • Sending Customer data to Voyado during first transaction (Centra does not override information in Voyado)
  • Sending separately newsletter subscription to Voyado
  • Triggering a one time data sync for all data created after a specified date
    • Customer data to Voyado
    • Transfer certain Order data to Voyado
    • Transfer certain Shipment data to Voyado
    • Transfer certain Returns data to Voyado
    • Transfer Newsletter subscriber data to Voyado
  • Marking Voyado promotions as redeemed when an Order is placed in Centra, redeeming a Voyado promotion
    • When the off-the-shelf Voyado integration in Centra is active, a frontend store implementation may submit a Voyado Promotion ID through Centra’s APIs when placing an order
    • Centra redeems promotions in Voyado and logs if the redemption was successful or not in the Order history in Centra (the order process is not blocked by unsuccessful redemption - it is merely logged)
    • The Voyado Promotion ID is stored in Centra and visible on the Order
  • Triggering transactional emails to be sent by Voyado with certain data:
    • Order creation
    • Payment successful
    • Payment failed
    • Shipment
    • Return
    • Order cancellation
    • Forgotten password