How to configure Mailchimp

The Mailchimp plugin works like this:

When users are registering as newsletter-signups inside the checkout flow, or by signing up to your newsletter on your page (without actually placing an order), a call is made to Mailchimp with the email and the ID of the list you want it to be added to. There's a List-ID which you can get inside Mailchimp which needs to be setup inside Centra. This is how you get that.

Get API-key from Mailchimp

Log in into Mailchimp. Hover the Account inside the main menu. Select the API Keys-selection:

Add a new key:

And name it to Centra or whatever:

Save this API Key for now.

Get List-ID from Mailchimp

Go to Lists. On the list you want to add users to, press Settings, a menu opens up, select the first item called List Settings and Unique ID:

Scroll far down on that page and you'll see the key:

Setup plugin and insert into Centra

  1. The information you now will see will have to be inserted into Centra. Inside Centra, go to 'SYSTEM' > 'STORES' and select your store.
  2. Create a new Plugin Method, activate it, set the name as Mailchimp. Select Mailchimp below the Subscription-group. Use the following fields for the information you were provided with:

    • API Key should be filled with the API Key you got from Mailchimp.
    • List ID should be filled with the List ID you got from Mailchimp.
  3. It should now look something like this:
  4. Save. You've now connected Centra with Mailchimp.