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Centra has a few different API's for different things. Below is an explanation about the different API's and when to use them.

Creating a plugin

Each API has its own plugin. Some of the API's needs activation from Centra, such as the Subscription API, but the other ones can be enabled easily by just adding a new plugin to your store.

To enable a plugin, go to 'SYSTEM', then select 'STORES'. Select what store you want your API to connect to and select the API in the list of plugins. You will need administration rights in Centra to have access to the 'SYSTEM'.

Our API's

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  • CMS - This is how you set up the CMS-settings for your store

  • Checkout API - The Checkout API is a client-side version of the Shop API. By using CORS, you're able to complete a purchase including paying for the order by utilizing only JavaScript.

  • Shop API - The Shop API makes it possible to connect to Centra by creating selections using an open cart. This selection is then possible to finalize into an order.

  • Subscription API - The Subscription API is used for recurring sales where the orders are created automatically using a specified subscription period. Using the API you are able to create new subscriptions that will authorize the payment provider and enable orders to be created.

  • Order API - The Order API is mostly used for pick & pack services to finalize already placed orders. It can create and fetch supplier orders. It supports inserting regular orders directly without working with an open cart, which means the order was settled outside of Centra.