How to enable Bring Plugin for Shipping

Plugin Settings

MyBring Username:

MyBring API Key:

The customer needs a MyBring account, use it to generate an API key, and get authorized with the "buyer role". This is described here:

MyBring API Customer Number:

Log in to, click "your profile" then click the "API customer number" tab.

One MyBring account can have multiple API customer numbers, for example one for Bring Parcel, one for Bring Express. In that case, create one Shipping Method for each customer number.

Service Type:

Select a service that the "MyBring API Customer Number" is valid for. For example, a Bring Parcel customer number is valid for "Kliman√łytral Servicepakke" but not "Bud 1 time".


The Norwegian tracking URL should be filled in by default:

The Swedish URL should be:

Default Package Dimensions:

Bring needs to know the package dimensions. The dimensions can be changed on the Order->External Shipment form.

Quickpack Envelope is probably only for Service Types with Quickpack in their name.

Fields that can be changed on the Order->External Shipment form:

Service Type

Package Dimensions

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