How to install and integrate UPS with Centra

Before you start

To integrate the UPS shipping method, you need to prepare and setup some parts. Initially, you need to go through your product catalog and see that you have all the info that is required to integrate with UPS. Required parameters on your products:

  • SKU
  • Weight
  • Country of Origin
  • Harm Code
  • Harm Code Description

If your catalog have this, you're ready to start. If not, please see the knowledge base on how you import or change this information on your products (Importing/Updating products from an Excel file)

Create production keys and API access to UPS

  1. Log in into UPS.
  2. Go to the Developer Area at
  3. Press Request Access Key
  4. Select the Correct UPS-account and press Request Access Key.
  5. You now have Production Access to the Shipping - Package-API. Save the Access Key, you will receive the Access Key.
  6. Insert the Access Key as well as your login into UPS inside the Centra Plugin.
  7. You are now able to use the UPS-plugin for Shipping in Centra.
  8. To connect a printer, read the more detailed guide in regards to a Zebra printer at the Fedex-guide