Configure Klarna Checkout

How to enable the (new) Klarna Checkout v3 in Centra

We strongly recomend that you test the following steps and setup on Demo before you do them Live. And if you never have had KCO before and are building a new frontend checkout, keep in mind that Klarna wants to test the purchase flow on Demo before activating your live credentials. This can take up to 72 hours for them to do, so be aware of that when you plan your Go-Live!

  1. Go to 'System' > 'Stores' in the main menu to the left in Centra

  2. Click on your Retail store

  3. Scroll down to plugins and create a new plugin by clicking '+ Add plugin method'

  4. Choose the plugin called 'Klarna Checkout v3' in the plugin drop-down list

  5. Fill in the fields in the plugin as seen below:

    Plugin name: Here you enter an internal name for your new plugin. For example: “Klarna Checkout v3”

    URI: IMPORTANT!! Here you enter the same URI as your previous KCO v2 plugin to make the integration with your Frontend to work as smoooth as possible.

    Name in frontend: Enter what your new plugin will be named in the Frontend

    E-Store ID: Enter your new EID that you get from your Klarna Merchant Portal

    Secret: Enter the API key that you get from your Klarna Merchant Portal

    Test-Mode: This option should be set to NO if you plan to go live in production with your new plugin

    Require success validation: When the validation callback on age restrict and/or stock, takes too long to respond. What should Klarna do with the order? YES - means that the customer is sent back to the checkout with an error from Klarna. NO - means that the order will go through anyway. This option is usually set to NO

    Klarna Endpoint: Here you select which Klarna endpoint that you want to use – either EU PROD or NA PROD, which is North America. If you’re based in the EU you should select the EU PROD which will allow you to still be able to sell to the US. If you’re based in the North America you choose NA PROD here instead

    Default Locale: Select which default locale you want in your KCO

    Test plugin against Klarna: Here you can click the orange button to test your credentials against Klarna when you are finished with the setup of the plugin

    Auto-register customers to newsletter: Choose Yes or No depending on preference

    Allowed Checkout type: (B2B needs to be enabled for your merchant account to allow organizations.) Here you can choose either Person, Organization or Person and Organization

    Allow separate shipping addresses in Klarna Checkout: Choose Yes or No

    Allow separate shipping address coming from another source: Choose Yes or No

    Show PayPal payment option inside KCO: If you’re using PayPal in your Checkout you can select to show it as an option inside Klarna Checkout and not next to it

    External Payment method: Here you select the PayPal plugin that you would like to show inside KCO

    Disable PayPal as a separate payment method when PayPal is available in KCO: Choose Yes or No

    Terms & Conditions-URL: Here you paste the URL to where the customer can find your terms and conditions on the site

    Enable age restrict: Choose Yes or No here if you sell stuff that minors are not allowed to buy

    Redirect for underage buyers: Here you paste the link to the page where you would like to redirect underage buyers

    Settings for styling where you enter which color code you want for the following parts:

    • Color button
    • Color button text
    • Color checkbox
    • Color checkbox checkmark
    • Color header
    • Color link

    Send product images to Klarna: Select YES if you would like to send the product image to Klarna

    Product image size: Select the size of the image that is sent

    Send product URLs to Klarna: You can send the product URL per item to Klarna through the API, or use the Frontend prefix below to specify the domain of the frontend, which will automatically be combined with the category that the product is in

    Send product sizes to Klarna: You can send the product size to Klarna through the API

    Invalid stock redirect URL: Here you add the URL where you want your customer to be sent if there is no stock left when stock validation is done in KCO – instead of ending up on Klarnas payment failed-page

    Frontend prefix for product URLs: Fill out if you want to define the Frontend Prefix that your images should have when they are sent to Klarna

    Restrict: You can restrict which customer should see this payment option by selecting them here - Pricelist, Market, Country and/or Locale. If none are selected it will be available everywhere

    Payment method cost: Here you can add a Payment method cost to the order if the customer selects this payment option in the checkout

  6. Change the status to Active whenever you feel ready to do the switch. Please make sure that the Klarna checkout v2 plugin is inactivated when doing so

  7. Last step – click 'Save'.

Final steps - check the integration

  1. Does Klarna Checkout load when you proceed to checkout in your store?
  2. Is your terms and conditions page linked correctly from the checkout?
  3. Do you get to a “thank you page” when completing an order? If not, make sure your frontend partner does as Klarna explains it in this link:
  4. Is a created order acknowledged? Double-check in the Orders app in the Merchant Portal!
  5. Do you have your store details and contact information visible in your store? This includes:
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Company registration number
  6. For more detailed information or questions about your Centra and KCO integration, contact the Customer Success team at Centra.