Allocating inventory to products in an order

You will only be able to balance products in a orders which contains products with pre-order status.

About the article

When a customer places an order in wholesale, that order can contain products with pre-order status. At a later stage, you may add physical stock to these products which consequently will make them available instead of pre-order. At that stage you may want to allocate that available stock to the order which still has products on pre-order even though you now have the stock on hand. This means that you can allocate stock manually to an order that was created when the product was on pre-order.

Allocating inventory to products

To allocate products in an order, follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'SALES' in the Wholesale section of the top menu.
  2. Click 'ORDERS'
  3. Browse the list of orders and click the order who's products you wish to allocate.
  4. Scroll down in the order to 'ORDERED PRODUCTS'
  5. Click 'ALLOCATE PRODUCTS' in the bottom-left corner and this pop-up window will open:
  6. Click 'ALLOCATE' in the bottom left corner