Returns in B2B

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Sometimes customers choose to return goods. When goods are returned may want to create a return and print a return document. This article will show you how this procedure is performed.

Refunding products

To refund products, follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'SALES' in the Wholesale section of the top menu.
  2. Click 'ORDERS' and select the order that you wish to refund products from.
  3. Open the order and scroll down to its shipment and open the shipment.
  4. Scroll down to 'SHIPPED PRODUCTS' and click 'RETURN PRODUCTS' in the bottom-right corner and this pop-up window will open:
  5. Select the pieces you wish to return. You may also choose whether you want the refund items to be inserted back into stock or not, by selecting the radio buttons at the bottom-left corner of the pop-up. You can also choose to include or exclude Shipping- and/or Voucher cost by selecting the checkboxes.
  6. Click 'CREATE RETURN' and you will be redirected back to the order view. If you scroll down you will see this window:

You may now create a credit note that you can send to the buyer. Click 'Create Credit Note' under 'Tools'. If you do. you can no longer cancel the refund.

Next step

Cancel Refund

You may cancel a refund as long as you have not created a credit note. If you wish to cancel the refund, just click 'Cancel Refund' under 'Tools' in the 'Returned Products' list.

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