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Learn how to activate infinite amounts of stock on selected products by using the preorder status.

The preorder status set on product level that is described in this article only affects your DTC store(s). In Wholesale, the preorder status is instead controlled through the Stock type chosen within the Delivery window settings. You can read more about this here.

What is preorder

If a product has preorder status, a customer can add an infinite amount of that product to their selection, regardless of the stock values found in the warehouse. This means that a product with preorder status is never out of stock. Preorder is set on the size level of each product variant.

A product with preorder status is displayed like this with an infinity sign next to the stock values: As opposed to a product without preorder status, which is displayed like this, where the infinity sign is no longer seen:

How to add a product on preorder

There are two ways to add a product on preorder. One is through the Stock page, and the other through the Product page.

How can I check which products are on preorder

To check if a product is on preorder, you need to navigate to the product itself either through the Stock page or the Product page and see the preorder status on an individual basis.

If you would like to see an overview of multiple products, then it’s best to use the Product export. Ensure that the 'One row for every size' setting in the Product export pop-up is set to 'Yes', since preorder is set on size level: See below an example of a t-shirt product with two variants, where all sizes are set on preorder: Column P shows Preorder and all rows are marked as YES.

To filter out specific products either use the Store, Collection, and/or Brand fields Product export pop-up. Otherwise, filter out the products through the Search bar or View selector in the Products Listing page and use the Export selected products method.

In a case where you have products that are out of stock and you set the preorder status on them, be aware that you will not be able to allocate orders against any warehouse until the product's stock is refilled. These orders then need to be allocated and shipments created manually.

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