Stock type definitions

Stock type definitions

There are different types of stock in Centra. The best view to analyze these stock values is in the Stock page, which you can access by clicking 'Stock' in the menu and then selecting a product. More info about this view can be found here.

See an example of the stock types below along with explanations:

  • Physical – This is the quantity that you have on the shelf in the warehouse. No more, no less. If there are any differences, Centra doesn’t know about it. The way to calculate this stock value is: FTA + Allocated

  • FTA – This is an abbreviation for Free to Allocate. Basically, this is the amount available to allocate to orders, or more simply the quantity available for purchase. FTA is also affected by Threshold/Offset features. These reserve amounts of stock, acting as a safety measure, and therefore, marking them as not sellable. The relevant calculation here is: Physical - (Allocated - Threshold /Offset)

  • Allocated – The number of said products that are allocated to orders or shipments that are not yet completed. Physical - FTA

  • Linked – The quantity of products on placed orders that are linked towards the incoming stock of a supplier order

  • Demand – The quantity of said product which is on order but not linked to a supplier order or allocated. All products in unshipped orders that are backordered or on preorder

  • Unshipped – The quantity of ordered products, Allocated or Demand, but not yet shipped. This includes demand (preorder/backorder)

  • Available Now – This is the amount of products available to allocate to orders minus the stock that has created demand. It can be calculated by: FTA - Demand

  • Unlinked – The unlinked quantity of said product. This field is only relevant if you’re using the Supplier Module. When you create a supplier order, you can choose to link this incoming supplier stock to orders that have already been placed. However, you can also choose not to link - hence the name Unlinked - which means that it will be available for any order.

    When you accept a supplier delivery with Unlinked stock, it is moved to the FTA stock.
  • Incoming – The incoming quantity of said product. This field is only populated if you are using the Supplier Module and have supplier orders with products that are not yet delivered. The calculation here is: Linked + Unlinked

    The supplier order also needs to have a preferred warehouse for this to display correctly.
  • On Delivery – This field is populated with data if said product is on a supplier delivery that has not yet been accepted

  • Available – The total stock of a product including incoming Unlinked supplier stock. The calculation here is: FTA - Demand + Unlinked or Available now + Unlinked

Calculations summary

Terms Stock type Calculations
General terms Physical FTA + Allocated
General terms FTA Physical - Allocated (-Threshold/offset)
General terms Allocated Physical - FTA
General terms Demand n/a
General terms Unshipped n/a
General terms Available now FTA - Demand
General terms Available FTA - Demand + Unlinked, or Available now + Unlinked
Supplier terms Linked n/a
Supplier terms Unlinked n/a
Supplier terms Incoming Linked + Unlinked
Supplier terms On Delivery n/a

Please note that Threshold/Offset amounts are overridden when placing an order through the backend.

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