All about Stock

All about Stock

Stock management is a very important aspect in e-commerce. We have prepared an extensive body of content that will guide you through different ways of editing, viewing, and overall monitoring your inventory.

The main page for Stock is, of course, found under its corresponding name on the menu. The Navigation within Stock page article can help you understand how to navigate within this page and understand what each button and section is meant for. Then, in order to monitor your stock or make changes, it is good to understand the difference between all the Stock types found in Centra.

Our All the ways you can edit your stock article lists the different methods you can use to edit stock. Whether it is per product or in bulk, you can read the article to learn which functionality is best for each stock editing scenario. You can also see details about the Stock editor, Editing on Stock page, Warehouse transfer as well as Stock import. Additionally, since Stock import can be used in a variety of ways, we have created a series of articles on Stock import scenarios along with more practical scenarios focusing on stock changes made along the DTC, WHS, and Supplier order flows. And just as much as you can import, you can also export stock in Centra or use the export to go back in time with historical stock data.

You can use features such as Stock history and Stock orders to see an overview of stock changes made and also which order the stock belongs to respectively. If you’d like to have a stock safety block in order to exclude specific quantities from sales, you can use the Offset to control that. Lastly, there is a way to create products sharing stock in Centra - a useful feature when you have products sold at different prices within the same markets because they belong to different collections.

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