Stock page navigation

Stock page layout

To navigate to the Stock page, use the menu and click on 'Stock'. You will be redirected to this view:

Here we can divide the Stock page into three parts: Stock top bar (1), Stock action bar (2) and Stock Listing table (3). Let’s go into more detail within each part.

Stock top bar

The top bar within the Stock page includes five buttons. The first two buttons, called 'Auto generated report' and 'Generate new report' are relevant to Stock export. The remaining three buttons affect how the Stock page behaves, what data it shows, and how.

  • Stock export The two Stock export-related functionalities, 'Auto generated report' and 'Generate new report', are described in more detail here.
  • Filter warehouses This feature controls which values will be shown under the column 'Stock' within the Stock Listing table. Once you click 'Filter warehouses', a pop-up appears where you can select specific warehouses. In this way, you can view stock from a particular set of warehouses of your choosing. In the example below, we see that the original stock value of the first product on size S/M is 15. However, once we filter for warehouse 'Default', the value is 10, showing only the stock of that particular warehouse.
  • Open all If you are editing or wish to view the stock values of multiple products and/or multiple warehouses, the 'Open all' function will be very useful to you. Instead of clicking 'Open' under the 'Tools' part of each product row, you can instead hit 'Open all' and continue editing without extra clicks. Once clicked, this button changes to 'Close all', which minimizes all rows to the original state.
  • Save all If you are editing stock on multiple products, you could click 'Save all' instead of the 'Save' button seen on each specific product row. See the difference below:

Stock Action bar

The Stock Action bar is the standard Listing action bar, which is described in more detail here. The only exception is that the Batch actions are not available on the Stock page.

Stock Listing table

The Stock Listing table includes a list of all products and their stock. Each row showcases product details, and the Stock column includes its size chart and stock values. Headers include the following: Product status, Folder, Product info (Brand, Name, Variant name and number), SKU, Collection, Stock (per size), Stock total, and Tools.

All column headers are clickable and you can use them to sort through the data. To sort multiple columns, hold Shift when selecting headers.

by default, the Stock column displays the cumulative FTA stock values from all warehouses per product size. These are the same numbers as the ones seen in the ‘Summarized’ section, under the column ‘FTA’ in the opened version of a specific product. See an example below:

The column on the far right, called 'Tools', includes a few different options detailed below:

  • Edit stock This button opens a pop-up window with the stock editor. Here you can make specific stock changes to the selected variant, such as increase/decrease stock, set preorder status, etc. The same button can be found on product level. Read more about the Stock editor functionality here.
  • Orders 'Orders' leads to a pop-up window where all orders that include this particular variant will show up. You can read more about this pop-up here.
  • History Once you click 'History', a pop-up appears that includes information regarding any changes made to the stock levels of this particular variant. Find out more about Stock history here.
  • Product This button will redirect you to the page of the selected product. It’s great to use if you need to check more information on product level, without having to go to the Products page to find and select that particular product.
  • Open The 'Open' button can be used to see more stock data regarding the particular variant on the row. Note, though, that if you want to expand this section to see more information, you can also click anywhere on this row, and not just on the 'Open' button. The same applies to the 'Close' button, which comes up once a section is open. Either click on 'Close' or anywhere on the original variant section to close that part. See all these options below: Once this section is expanded, you can edit the stock of this variant. More information can be found here.

Layout of Stock details


This setting can be used to set an unlimited amount of stock. The size chart of this particular variant is shown, and if you tick the boxes, you enable preorder for the selected sizes and click 'Save'. To disable the preorder status, untick the corresponding size and click 'Save'. More information about preorder status can be found here.


The 'Summarized' section showcases the cumulative stock numbers from all warehouses together. The headers used here are those of all stock types available in Centra. You can read more about those here.


This section splits the stock data per warehouse. A list of all warehouses is seen, and under each warehouse the stock values are shown per size. Let’s review all settings within this section:

  • Stock types – The headers are the same as in the 'Summarized' section, showcasing stock types (more info here). Those are the following: Physical, FTA, Allocated, Linked, Demand, Unshipped, Available Now, Unlinked, Incoming, On Delivery, Available
  • Expander – To the left of each warehouse name, you can find an arrow that can be used to collapse or expand that part. You can see in the above screenshot that warehouses ‘Australia’ and ‘UK’ are collapsed, whereas ‘Sweden’ and ‘Germany’ are expanded. In this expanded version, the Physical and FTA values are editable
    If the warehouse setting 'Stock master' is set to External, the Physical and FTA values are not editable. You can read more about it here.
  • Warehouse types – The following options can be seen on the right side of each warehouse row:
    • Stock ownership: Own stock or Third party
    • Allocation policy: Direct or Check first
    • Stock master: Centra or External You can find out more about these settings here
  • Hidden warehouses – If a warehouse has the setting 'Hide from Stock view' set to 'Yes', it is considered hidden and it will come up in a separate section, called 'Hidden warehouses'. You can click on 'Show' to see the stock values of this warehouse
  • Unspecified stock – This part is available when at least one warehouse has 'Hide from Stock view' set to 'Yes'. Here you can see stock that does not belong to any warehouse. This can happen in rare cases, for example when the warehouse is not specified on a Supplier order
    Stock values for warehouses with 'Stock master' set as External are not editable. This is because an external system (i.e. Ongoing, Sitoo etc.) is sending stock updates.

Supplier Stock details

If you are using the Supplier module in Centra, you might notice some additional information appearing in the Stock details. When a variant is added to a supplier order that is still being processed, you can see the incoming stock as follows: More information about this view and how to use it can be found [here]().