How to export your Product catalog

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In this article you will learn all the steps that you can take to export your Product catalog from Centra.

How to access the Product export

There are two ways to access the Product export – either through the general Product export or by selecting specific products:

General Product export

  1. In the menu at the left, click on 'Products'
  2. In the top-right corner, click on 'Export'
  3. A pop-up appears. Its use is described in the following section.

Export selected products

  1. In the menu at the left, click on 'Products'
  2. To select specific products for export, tick the box on the left of each desired product
  3. In the Batch actions menu, select 'Export selected products'
  4. Click 'Apply'
  5. A pop-up appears. Read below on how to proceed in more detail.

How to use the Product export pop-up

  1. After you finish the steps described above, the following pop-up appears:

  2. The pop-up lets you filter through product data in order to select and export specific products:

    • Store – Choose which store you want to take the data from. If you do not select a store, then data from all stores will be present in your exported file. Examples:
      • If you are using both DTC and WHS, you might only want to export DTC product data
      • Centra instances that have more than one store within DTC or WHS. You could be running multiple brands within your DTC store for example. In this case, within the options you will see: Retail – includes all Retail product data (both stores) Retail/DTC – includes product data specific to the DTC store Retail
    • Format – Choose between Excel or CSV
    • One row for every size – Choose whether the file should include product data per size. This ensures that all size-related details are included in the file, such as EAN, for example. Note also that if ‘One row for every size’ is set to Yes, the following Warehouse selector appears:
      • Warehouse – Choose whether you wish to see data regarding all warehouses or only a particular one. In this case, stock values are shown, and you can regulate whether quantities from all warehouses or a specific one should be included in the exported file
    • Languages – If you have translated product content, you can choose whether you want to add it or not. If you don’t choose any language, the translated content will not come up. However, you can choose to add content specific to one or more languages, or all of them
    • Collection – Select whether to show products from a specific collection should be shown or from all of them
    • Brand – Choose whether all brands should be shown in the file or only a specific one
  3. Once you select the desired options, click 'Export' to download the file.

Product export columns

The Product export includes the following columns depending on the settings you choose in the pop up window:

Product info Variant info Size info* Display info
Product ID Variant Size Chart Category
SKU Variant Status (not possible to import) Size Canonical category
Brand Variant SKU Size SKU Short Description
Product Name Variant Internal Name Size comment Description
Product Status (not possible to import) Variant ID Length Display name
Weight Size chart Width Display Status (not possible to import)
Folder Preorder Depth Display Comment
Collection Cost/Pcs Dimensions unit URI
Measurement Chart Cost Currency Weight Meta Title
Internal Comment Variant Custom Attributes EAN Meta Description
Harmonization Code Translated Content UPC Meta Keywords
Customs Description Warehouse Tags
Supplier Name Quantity Tax Group
Country of Origin Pricelist data: one column per currency/store, RRP prices for WHS, Time controlled pricelists
Country ISO2 Display custom attributes
Product custom attributes Translated content

*Size-specific information is available only if you set 'One row for every size' to Yes.

It’s possible to see statuses of the Product, Variant and Display in the Catalog export – the statuses are in text format. However, you cannot change status through import. This is only used for export.

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