Warehouse transfer

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In the 'Warehouse Transfer' - section you may transfer stock between different warehouses. This only applies if you have multiple warehouses.

Transfer stock

To transfer stock from one warehouse to another follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'WAREHOUSE TRANSFER' in the STOCK EDITOR and you will be redirected to this view:

    The Warehouse Transfer view has two main columns. 'In Stock' displays the current stock level while the 'Rearrange Stock' column to the right is where you insert the new levels.
  2. Now you may enter the amount of pieces you want to move between your warehouses, in this case, from 'Stockholm' to 'Malibu Beach'. Make sure that the total amount of products (displayed in the bottom-right field) remains the same.
  3. To transfer products from one warehouse follow this example: If you want to transfer 3 pcs of your XS product from Stockholm to Malibu Beach you need to enter 4 pcs in the Stockholm XS entry field under 'Rearrange Stock' while you enter 3 pcs in the Malibu Beach XS entry field. The total needs to remain 7 pcs and if these amounts mismatch, the total will be highlighted.
  4. When you are done editing your stock, click 'SAVE CHANGES' in the bottom-right corner.

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