How Centra handles products

The process of adding products and making them available in Centra is divided in three main steps:

  1. Adding a Product

    The first step is to add a product and it's Basic Attributes. The Basic Attributes of a product is the basic set of data required for a product to exist in the product catalog in Centra. This data can further on be used to present your products to customers or to display them in your frontend.

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  2. Adding a Variant to the product

    The second step is to create variants to the product you created in step 1. When the Basic Attributes of a product have been added you need to create a variant connected to the original product. Variants are required for you to be able to display and sell you products. Centra has support for multi-variant and matrix-style inventory tracking. This means that SKU can be a simple style number covering all variants and sizes connected to the product.

    To read more about how to add a Variant to a product, click here.

  3. Creating a Display

    The third step is to create displays for your product. Displays are "cosmetic" visualizations of your products. After you have added a product's Basic Attributes and created a Variant you need to create a Display in order to make the product viewable in your frontend. Centra is set up in a way that will allow you to create multiple displays using the same variant stock and images. You may create another display with the same set of variants but edit the display name, place the display within another category or market. You can also use different images, thus creating a totally new way of showing the same product to your customers even though the basic product is the same.

    To read more about how to create a Display, click here.

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