Required fields to make a product show up on your website or the Showroom

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In this article we describe all important steps necessary to ensure a product shows up on your website.

Please note that if all of the fields are defined as described and products still do not appear on your frontend, do reach out to your front-end partner as a recache might be needed or the issue lies elsewhere.


Below we list all fields that play a role in making a product visible on your website. Please note that these are specified based on the five product layers, namely Product, Variant, Size, Store attributes, Display. This is to aid you in finding the right setting in each corresponding section:

Product level settings

  • Brand – Make sure that the brand is active for the Store. This can be reviewed in the Brand settings, and more specifically under 'Show in stores'
  • Product name – The product name field needs to be completed
  • Product status – The Product status needs to be set to 'Active' for the product to appear on your website

Variant level settings

  • Variant – Ensure that the product has at least one variant
  • Variant status – The Variant status needs to be set to 'Active' for the product to appear on your website

Size level settings

  • Size chart – The Variant needs to have a size chart selected
  • Size activated – At least one size in the selected Size chart needs to be activated. Learn more about size activation here
  • Stock – Make sure that stock is available for this product in the warehouse where the order is allocated from. Alternatively, the size can be set to preorder, indicating that there are unlimited amounts of stock.

Store attributes level settings

  • Description – Ensure that the display has a description
  • Price per currency – The product needs to have a price in each pricelist you wish to sell it in. Price can be set to 0 but cannot be blank
  • Markets – Make sure the markets you wish to sell your products in are selected in the Store attributes section

‌Display level settings

  • Display – The product needs to have at least one display for the Store that connects to your website
  • Display status – The display status needs to be set to 'Active' for the product to appear on your website
  • Categories – At least one active category needs to be selected in the display. Please note that this is not a requirement for the following APIs: Checkout API, ShopAPI, Showroom API. However, we still recommend having at least one category to ensure the product is found under the right part of your menu on your website
  • Media activated – The Media you wish to show up on your website for this product needs to be dragged to the 'Activated media' section within the display. You can read more about this here
  • Variant activated – The Variant you wish to show on your website through this display needs to be dragged to the 'Activated variants' section within the display. Read more about this process here
  • Delivery Window – This is specific to Wholesale (B2B) only. The products need to be in an active and fully configured Delivery Window (Delwin). Read more about Delwins here.

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