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Centra uses charts to keep and present inventory levels. You can freely create multiple size charts and attach them to products in order to insert inventory level. The reason that Centra is using charts is to make it easier to add products that come in different sizes, Such as S; M; L or 46; 48; 50. We use a semi-colon as a separator of sizes.

Adding a Size Chart

To edit or add a chart. follow the steps below:

  1. Under the 'More' tab in the main menu to the left, go to 'Size Charts', and click '+Create Size Chart'
  2. If you want to create a single dimensional size chart, just fill out the fields as below ('Size Chart Name' and 'Repeater X').
  3. Click 'Save' and your single dimensional Size Chart will look like this:
  4. Once you click 'Save', 'x' will automatically be typed in the 'Divider Symbol' field. 'x' is the default divider symbol but you are free to change it as you like. Divider symbols are only used in multi-dimensional size charts.
  5. If you want to create a multidimensional size chart, fill out the fields as in the picture below ('Size Chart Name', 'Repeater X' which in this case will be the waist of the jeans, and 'Repeater Y' - will be the length).
  6. Click 'Save' and your multi-dimensional Size Chart will look like this:

Next steps

You have now learned how to create a chart based on the products sizes. You may also add measurement charts, which are based on the products measurements. To read more about how to add a measurement chart, click here.

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