Adding variants to a product

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Centra has support for multi-variant and matrix-style inventory tracking. This means that SKU can be a simple style number covering all variants and sizes connected to the product.


Before you can add a variant to a product you need to have created a product. To read more about how to add a product, click here.

Adding a Variant

To add a variant to a product, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the following information:

    • Variant Name - This is the name of the variant i.e. Blue, Red or for example Washed. This text may be visible in the front-end, depending on how your web store is configured.
    • Variant SKU (optional) - This setting is optional and does only apply if your variant's SKU differs from the general SKU which you entered in the GENERAL SETTINGS view
    • Internal Name(optional) - The internal name overrides the variant name. However, the override does only occur visually in the backend.
    • Size Chart - Once you have selected size chart, you will be requested to add stock values. To add stock value. click 'ADD STOCK' in the bottom-left corner and the below pop-up window will open. To read more about how to create size charts click here.

      Once a size chart has been added and saved to a variant there is no possibility to change the size chart afterwards. Then you would need to delete the variant and start all over, adding a new variant to the product.

  2. Enter the stock value as shown above. (If the product has pre-order status, you just check the Pre-order box. Choose a location, to which warehouse you would like to allocate quantities and enter their cost/pcs. Cost/pcs is the products weighted cost price and this value will be used when calculating COGS or sales margins. You can also add an optional comment while inputting values to your stock. This comment will be trackable in the stock history view.

  3. Click 'SAVE' in the bottom-right corner in the STOCK EDITOR
  4. Click 'SAVE' in the bottom-right corner of the variant editing field

You can add multiple variants to the variant bank. This is done by clicking '+NEW' after you saved the first variant.

When the variants are created they will look something like this:

Here you will get an overview of your variants where you see

  • Status - The status of the variant
  • Name - This field shows Centras internal database ID of the variant, the name and the variant SKU
  • Stock - This field will show the FTA (Free To Allocate) stock figure for all of your warehouses combined
  • LT Order - This field shows how many pieces are Linked To Orders, it should be the same value as if you were to click “Orders” under Tools for this variant
  • Stock - Here you are directed to a pop-up where you can edit, move or transfer stock. Or go further to ‘SIZE INFO’ and add EAN, size SKU or size comment – for example, like a shelf number of where this item is placed in your warehouse
  • History - Here you will see the historical transactions of stock changes. You can also for example adjust historical cost per pcs on an old delivery
  • Orders - Here you see all orders placed on this variant and its sizes
  • View - Here you open the variant so that you can see the details and maybe edit something if you like

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