Media on product level

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The media bank is where you are able to manually add images to your product. Here you can learn how to add images, tag them so the connect with preferred variants.

Once you have saved your product and/or variant, the media button will appear next to the first variant. Click here to read more about how to add a product or variant.

  1. To add images to your product, click '+Upload media' next to 'Variants' and, it will open the pop-up window

  2. Click the 'Upload' button and choose your image. Image formats accepted are JPG, PNG or GIF.

    Image-size requirements are set individually for each installation of Centra. Please consult your service partner to learn about your optimal image settings.

  3. Connect the image to a variant in the drop-down menu.

  4. Click 'Confirm' in the bottom-right corner

Next steps

Adding images manually can be tedious, read this article to learn how to import media in bulk with a zipped file.

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