How to add pages to the navigation menu

About this article

It is possible to setup your own content in the navigation menu. The menu can contain links to pages created in Showroom CMS and links to external websites. This article describes how to add, edit and remove items in the navigation menu.

Adding pages to navigation menu

  1. Click on the hamburger menu in the top left corner and choose Settings
  2. Scroll to the Navigation menu section
  3. Click on the Edit button to start editing
  4. In the Select items box you will see currently published pages that you can choose from
  5. After hovering on an item you will see Add button on the right, click on it to add page to the menu
  6. After adding pages to the menu, you have the possibility to reorder them by dragging the icon on the left side of the item
  7. After hovering on an item you have the option to open item details or remove the item by clicking on the Trash icon.
  8. After opening menu item details by clicking the downwards facing arrow, you can change Navigation label if you want the item to be displayed with a different name in the menu than the original page title
  9. There is also an option to choose to open the page in a new tab
  10. After you are done editing click Save changes button in the top right corner
  11. If you want to dismiss your changes click Cancel button

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