How to configure Showroom payments with Stripe Checkout for Wholesale

About this article

Enabling Stripe payments in your Showroom allows your customers to pay for invoices directly in Showroom. This way your retailers can pay for their orders immediately and as easily as in any other online checkout. From your side, the configuration is minimal.

Important notes:

  • Centra customer must create their own Stripe account to be able to use Stripe payments.
  • The entity that the user can pay for is the invoice, not the order. We are always operating on invoices.
  • An invoice can be paid by the buyer or by any other person with the order link. This allows your buyers to easily share the orders with their finance departments for payment, without the necessity for them to log in to neither Showroom nor Centra.
  • An invoice needs to be locked to be payable with Stripe.

How to configure Stripe payments in Showroom

  1. First, you will need your own Stripe account with basic configuration, enabled for payments in all countries and currencies configured in your Centra.
  2. Add the Stripe Checkout payment plugin in your Wholesale Store and save it. Just like any other payment plugin, you can restrict it to a specific Pricelist, Market, Country or Locale.
  3. Click the newly added plugin and integrate it using the Connect with Stripe button:


  4. If you're logged into your Stripe account, it should be connected automatically as soon as you accept the new connection.
  5. Once that's done, the "Connect" button should disappear:


How to pay in Showroom with Stripe

  1. Once the new order is confirmed, and Centra admin expedites it (or it's expedited automatically), you need to create an invoice in Centra > Wholesale > Orders > [select order] > [select shipment] > 'Invoice'

  2. Once the invoice is created and locked, inform your buyer. They can then see it at the bottom of their Order page:


  3. On the next page, they can see full invoice summary and can proceed to PAY WITH STRIPE CHECKOUT:


  4. They will be redirected to Stripe Checkout page. When in testing mode, you can use any of the testcard numbers with any details:

    • VISA: 4242 4242 4242 4242
    • Mastercard: 5555 5555 5555 4444
    • American Express: 3782 822463 10005
      Once completed, the customer will be redirected back to Showroom.


  5. Congratulations, your invoice is paid!

Please remember that the invoice needs to be locked in Centra, before it can be paid by the buyer using Stripe in Showroom. If the invoice is not locked, the Pay with Stripe button will not be displayed on the invoice.