Difference between an Agent and a Buyer

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This article will help you understand the differences between an Agent and a Buyer in terms of what each can do and why they should be defined differently.

Difference between an Agent and a Buyer

In the B2B section of Centra we have section for all your B2B Accounts. Each account needs a Buyer to be able to place orders, and get access to the Centra Showroom. Under 'SYSTEM' and 'USERS' we have a user type called Agent, if you setup an Agent user it will give them access to place orders for multiple B2B Accounts on behalf of their Buyer(s).

What is a Buyer?

A Buyer is a person that will have access to the Centra Showroom in order to place orders for an account. Normally one account has one Buyer, but accounts can have as many Buyers as you please. Buyers are account specific and as a Buyer they should only be placing orders on the account they are linked to, and that can only be one account.

You can learn how to create an account and buyer here.

What is an Agent?

An Agent is a user that has special access rights to be able to place and handle orders for one or more accounts both in Centra and Centra Showroom. So if you have a Buyer that should have access to place orders on multiple accounts you need to create an Agent.

You can learn how to create an agent here.

A Buyer and an Agent can not share an email address. Centra can not differentiate the difference between a Buyer and an Agent when they share the same email address. This means that you will need to create a separate account for your Agent(s) that has a different email address than the buyer.