Centra 3.9.0

Released to QA on April 18th

๐Ÿฅ New Features

  • Paypal Commerce can now be used in Klarna Checkout
  • New Subscriptions, read the 3 articles below to learn more:
  • New Interface for new pages:
    • SOAP API Pages (Main, Queue)
    • Consignation module
    • Marketplace log page
  • New mutations were added to Intergation API:
    • Adding and removing displays from a market in a batch fashion: setMarketDisplays + unsetMarketDisplays
    • The first mutation about discounts (vouchers): createDiscount
    • Deleting accounts: deleteAccount
    • Updating shipping option: updateShippingOption
  • Product images can now receive additional meta-data, which should be especially useful to determine, whether given image is the one you want to have. For now, it only applies to batch image uploads
  • All monetary values have been extended with additional data: conversion date and rate, and value in cents (minor units). For non-historical values, like product prices, shipping fees, or fixed-price campaigns, the current conversion rate is used
  • Added possibility to map 2 dimensional size charts in 'Size mappings' of a 'Size chart'

๐Ÿ› Fixed

  • Subscription plans are now displayed in store attributes
  • GraphQL has now fully functional subscription plans mutations, including โ€œdiscountโ€ field
  • Added instructions on how to change subscription status and interval to frontend development guide
  • Facebook/Google merchant feed - feed generation differences fixed
  • Fix for history log in supplier module
  • Shipment information related to the wholesale section updated
  • Clone user action will redirect to the create new user function with predefined fields
  • General accessibility improvements
  • Fixed navigation issues in translations pages
  • Fixed info icon appearances in Safari
  • Fixed file format when downloading Fedex labels
  • Fixed an issue with Allocation rules checkboxes in Firefox
  • Fixed Dashboard invoices showing wrong status
  • Fixed a bug with adding stock while creating a new product
  • Search shortcut is updated to be triggered with 3 key presses
  • Improve sold out badge - requested by client
  • Improve UI of Checkout failure page when the delivery window has expired
  • Prevent showroom from crashing when product configurator is invalid

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