Centra 3.12.0

Released to QA on May 30th

πŸ₯ New Features

  • Added new setting for Import product to make it possible to import Inactive displays
  • Added new batch actions for Vouchers: change duration, max usage and combine with other vouchers in bulk
  • It is now possible to search in delivery window by custom attribute

Integration API (GraphQL)

  • Existing customers can now be imported with an actual creation date in the past: the 'createCustomer' mutation has been extended with 'createdAt' field
  • New mutations were added:
    • Delete category
    • Update product media
    • Voucher (still in progress): a few new action criteria and results are now supported
  • Store restrictions in mutations are now strictly checked

πŸ› Fixed

  • Improved the load of displays on the category page
  • List of generated reports now has proper options in Tools section
  • Prevented redirect-loop error when exception occurred while deleting currency
  • Measurement chart link on product view now redirects to proper measurement chart
  • Supplier order history has been increased from 20 to 50 rows
  • Allowing users to manage unpaid invoice notification in Showroom


  • When using the β€œAdd all” functionality in All Products page in Showroom the sold out products are no longer added
  • We made pie chart fit more text and improve the text being truncated and prevent text overflow

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