Centra 3.18.0

Released to QA on August 22nd and Production on September 5th

New Features - Core logic

  • Improvements for big modals across Centra
    • More dynamic and fit for big screens modals to minimise horizontal scrolling
  • New column added to the Packing list plugin and export: Warehouse
    • If you select that column on the plugin level - you will get information in the export about the warehouse to which your orders were allocated
  • Pagination added to the display view to Campaign and Delivery window tables
    • That solution was developed to increase efficiency of the page and lower scrolling time when you have too long tables:
  • Sales: Transaction report carrier information update
    • Carrier information on that report (Sales: Transaction report) used to be taken only from the Account level and when it was selected in the report template - report had empty fields, since those fields are usually empty. We added additional columns for the report, called Shipment carrier fields that will have information from the shipment in the report.
  • Returns moved to own Elastic Search index
    • With that update return page and calculating returns on dashboard is going to be more efficient from now on.

New Features - Direct-to-Consumer

  • Updating the payment method for a subscription is now available for Adyen Drop-in
    • Enable your customers who purchased products as a subscription to update their payment method directly from their account page. Secure your revenue by reducing the amount of failed payments due to expired credit cards or insufficient funds and have your customers input the correct payment data with ease
  • Custom attributes from product variants are now available in the Rule integration
    • Expose more product information in your e-mail communication with the customers. Send custom attributes from the product variant level to Rule to provide additional details about the product
  • It is now possible to trigger different e-mail template in Voyado based on the shipping type chosen by the customer
    • Distinguish between orders that are going to be shipped to the customer or picked up at the store and adjust your e-mail communication

New Features - Wholesale

  • In Showroom CMS pages the notifications are displayed in a smarter way

🐛 Fixed

  • Special character (Å) was not supported in shipment view
  • Custom text attributes with JSON body were parsed instead of being treated as plain text
  • Wrong colours for trend arrow on the dashboard widget for Return and Cancellation rate:
    • It should be red when the rate is growing, and green when it is going down
  • Dashboard issue in different timezones, now it should be possible to pick any date from the time period picker from any timezone.
  • Fixed broken 'Confirm' functionality in discounts per delivery window
  • Buying report is not showing the date for column "on date (date selected in P3)
  • Rollback of the description per display finalised - you can start using the custom attributes on display level from now on
  • Improved, clearer message for missing country or state in Showroom
  • Now the state select in Showroom appears when default country has states
  • Improved, unified wording between sections and amounts in Showroom checkout page
  • After login to Showroom the user is properly redirected to the existing selection
  • The Delivery label in delivery window group is no longer displayed when no delivery date is available

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