Centra 3.19.0

Released to QA on September 5th and Production on September 19th

New Features - Core logic

  • Custom attributes on Display level added to Export
    • We keep improving newly added functionality of custom attributes on the display level, and this sprint we added possibility to Export those custom attributes same way as all other product information
  • Text editing tools for Description & Short description on translation view
    • Text editing tools added also on the translation view for product description and short description
  • Updated column name in Stock export: Value column changed name to Quantity name

New Features - Direct-to-Consumer

  • Troubleshoot subscription with attention status with ease
    • Easily see why the order for customer’s subscription could not be generated and what issues it encountered, for example desired product was out of stock, or payment for the order has failed
  • Custom attributes from product variants are now available in the Rule integration
    • Expose more product information in your e-mail communication with the customers. Send custom attributes from the product variant level to Rule to provide additional details about the product
  • It is now possible to trigger different e-mail template in Voyado based on the shipping type chosen by the customer
    • Distinguish between orders that are going to be shipped to the customer or picked up at the store and adjust your e-mail communication

New Features - Wholesale

  • Showroom - Pages - The “Crop media” functionality is now called “Reposition media”; the non-working zoom media feature is now hidden
  • Showroom - Pages - It’s easier to add external content; when opening the Add link and Add embed pop-ups, there is autofocus in relevant fields
  • Showroom - When on mobile, not all the tooltips where hiding automatically when needed; this is now fixed

🐛 Fixed

  • Return fee visible on the Credit note summary and sent to Fortnox
  • Setting “Allow empty state for United Kingdom” added to PayPal Commerce
  • Fixed so that forgot password doesn't create a new contact in Voyado
  • Showroom - Pages in Edit mode no longer crashes after editing text and pressing CTRL + Z
  • It’s now possible to login to Showroom with an email containing special symbols, such as “+”
  • When changing address in Showroom, the notification showed countries in an incorrect relation. This is now fixed

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