Centra 3.21.0

Released to QA on October 3rd and Production on October 17th

Core logic

New Features

  • Option to exclude shipping from tax rule order price matcher
    • New checkbox “Include shipping cost to Order total” on Tax rule due to UK tax management update. When set to No that will exclude shipping cost from total order when matching for appropriate tax rule
  • Search per tracking number on shipments & returns listings
    • Possibility to search by tracking number saved on the shipment in the listing view of Shipments & Returns, so you can easily get to the shipment with that tracking number, it will be an exact match
  • COGS on Bundles in reports "COGS: Invoice" & "COGS: Order"
    • Possibility to automate COGS for bundles on invoices and on reports “COGS: Invoice”, “COGS: Order”. TO enable that we have new settings on Store settings under Sales section: Add Cost/pcs to Bundle on the Invoice: Yes/No, setting on report COGS Invoice: Add bundle COGS based on the invoice: Yes/No, setting on report COGS Orders: Add COGS for bundle: Yes/No. COGS for bundles will be visible in the same columns as COGS for containing items. In report “COGS: Order” new columns added: ‘Bundle attributes’ and ‘Bundle SKU’ for easier management of bundles and containing items, similar to report “COGS: Invoice”


  • Existing display statuses were set to Active when importing the file with 'Set status to Preview: No'. Now, when setting ‘Select status to Preview: No' on the Catalog import will affect only new displays, and existing displays will remain with statuses they have, without any changes
  • When doing a refund the wrong amount was appearing in the “total to refund” field, that has now been fixed
  • Cancelling product didn't cancel the product from the linked orders, now it does
  • Command + F search was not possible on all fields in Centra, now it is fixed


New Features

  • Automatically send Back in stock notifications after restocking products with Rule
    • Integration with Rule service provider is now extended with additional functionality - back in stock notifications. Have your customers subscribe to specific product sizes and get the notification when it gets back into stock - fully automated when the stock gets updated in Centra. This feature requires front-end partner implementation. Read more about Back in stock functionality in Centra Documentation site.


New Features

  • Require prepayments for the orders in Showroom checkout
    • Secure your revenue and require the prepayment when placing an order in Showroom based on specific payment terms for each account. Make it possible for buyers to pay for an order using Stripe Checkout. Read more about how to set it up here

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