Centra 3.16.0

Released to QA on July 25th

🥝 New Features

  • GraphQL
    • New mutation added for setting absolute stock: setStock. Integrations being a stock master now have a simplified method of setting stock, without doing difference calculations on their end.
    • New authentication method (OAuth2) for Fortnox integration. Internals of the Centra-Fortnox connection have been replaced with a new login and access token exchange flow. Here you can read more about how to connect Fortnox to Centra.
    • Finalized webhooks improvements: adjustable timeout and retries on failure to deliver. This should help with webhook deliverability, as temporary network disruptions, timeouts, and server errors on the receiver’s end would result in a retry rather than a silent failure.
  • AMS improvements
    • Added high contrast mode. That is the setting that can be enabled per each user, under System - Users - select your user and in the section Accessibility you can find setting Increase contrast
    • Custom attributes on the Display level enabled and can be used and set same way as any other custom attributes (for product or variant level).
    • Adding subscription to existing contract and modifying subscription quantity. Up until now it was only possible to create new subscription by checking out with subscription in the selection. This required user interaction and providing payment details every time. Additionally subscription would be split across multiple contracts which would require changing each and every one of them in case of (for instance) address change. After the changes it will be possible to use the same payment details the user already provided and put additional items to subscription contract.
    • Updating payment details for subscriptions will be available also for Adyen PSP. Before it was only available for Klarna.
    • Custom attributes are now available for media objects. They were already added to Intergation (GraphQL) API, now we added possibility to read them using Checkout & Shop APIs. Documentation for custom attributes will be updated after the release.
  • Wholesale
    • Custom attributes can be displayed in product listing & details page
    • Custom attributes now are exportable in Product information report
    • Multivariant relation

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