How to integrate Fortnox with Centra

First, setup Fortnox

  1. Log into Fortnox
  2. In the user meny, select "Administrera användare"
  3. On the following screen, select "Lägg till Integration"
  4. Search for Silk, add
  5. Save the code presented in the following dialogue

Then, connect Centra to Fortnox

  1. Log into Centra
  2. Select 'Modules' and then 'Fortnox' (if you for any reason don't see the module, please reach out to our support that will help add it for you)
  3. Select 'Config'
  4. Select 'API-connect'
  5. In the pop-up, insert the code obtained from Fortnox, step (5) in the first section above, and press 'Confirm'
  6. Centra should now be connected to Fortnox


  • You can always try re-connecting Centra to Fortnox
  • If re-connecting gives you an error such as "Could not connect to Fortnox" you might have to remove and re-add Centra as an integration in Fortnox (as described in the First section above)

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