Centra 3.11.0

Released to QA on May 16th

πŸ₯ New Features

Integration API (GraphQL)

  • New mutations were added:
    • Updating categories: updateCategory
    • Next part of voucher (discount) mutations: addDiscountAction, deleteDiscount
  • Added possibility to assign and unassign attributes on ProductMedia. One can now add an attribute like an β€œalt” text or tag their media
  • IMPORTANT: all mutations have to select the userErrors list from the response, not doing so would be reported as a validation error

A long-awaited feature

Descriptions and meta fields have been moved to the product display level. It is now possible to define them differently on each display belonging to the same product and store

πŸ› Fixed

  • Prices for dynamically priced bundles returned by Checkout API now take into account the campaign discounts
  • Fixed the SIE4 report that was missing refund fee minus transactions
  • Fixed boolean values, which was converted to number or empty string when saving CMS page
  • Fixed the Markets field which is not returned from cms/products endpoint
  • Display delwin delivery dates in preferred shipping date in Showroom Checkout
  • Not available products information was displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed row rendering in table

🧩 Updates

  • M3 module moved to new design
  • Google Map module moved to new design
  • Economics module moved to new design
  • Fortnox module moved to new design
  • Analyzer page moved to new design
  • Order overview page moved to new design
  • Visma module moved to new design
  • Forecast module moved to new design
  • SIE4 module moved to new design

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