Centra 3.17.0

Released to QA on August 8th

🥝 New Features

  • Intergation API (GraphQL)
    • Enabled custom attributes on display level in GQL
    • Significantly increased performance of stock updates both in GQL and AMS
  • AMS improvements
    • Shipping setup per state. Possibility to configure your shipping options not only per country, but also per state. Similar possibility added in the checkout to be able to pick shipping per state when placing an order via AMS
    • Rollback of description per display. We are bringing back possibility to use Description, short description and meta fields on the Store level, but with the possibility to set up custom attributes on the Display level. That will not affect your webshops, unless you were using different description per display. In that case - we will migrate all the descriptions to the attributes on displays and your FE partner will be able to use that information instead, meanwhile - all FE connections will be taken from the Store level description.
    • Turkey name updated to Türkiye across AMS due to new ISO requirements
    • Shipment carrier information added to the Transaction report. Previously we had exposed only fields from the Account level, but with that change it will be possible to see carrier information from Shipment as well
    • Clients can now send different emails through Voyado based on different delivery types (Ship from warehouse/store, in-store pickup) by changing the meaning of Payment Status (pretty much unused by now)
    • Updating subscription payment will be possible also for Adyen Drop-In payment plugin
  • Wholesale
    • Properly handle unauthorized access and redirect the user to the login page
    • Wrong visual representation in quantity placeholders when size charts have different items activated

🐛 Fixed

  • Filtering in Supplier module was not possible in Link view
  • Refund popup issues
  • Rearranging media by batch action was not working
  • Populate the state when using the address book

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