Centra 3.13.0

Released to QA on June 13th

🥝 New Features

  • GraphQL
    • Voucher/discount mutations in progress: six new criteria are now supported
    • Shipping options can now be deleted
    • GraphQL endpoint is now visible in the Integration API tokens view
    • Add subscription or change subscription quantity mutations added
  • Updated payment for subscriptions - Klarna
  • Added the possibility to select which product fields should be sent over to Rule
  • Showroom
    • Now possible to filter selection overview by primary dimension values
    • Allowing users to manage unpaid invoice notification in Showroom
    • Displaying estimated delivery date in order details page
    • Displaying color swatch name on product details page and linesheets
    • Made it possible to search for account id
    • Possibility to filter products by Showroom badge
    • Add account name in the order linesheet

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