Centra Showroom 1.93.0

Released on 22 of February

đŸ„ Added

  • It's now possible to remove products from an expired delivery window in one action
  • Added functionality to clone a group of blocks in the CMS page
  • The 'Group by delivery window' setting is now saved when moving from one view to another

🐛 Fixed

  • Uniformed stock by delivery window column data that was inconsistent in 'Product details' page and on 'My selection' page. Here is how it could look before: 'Product details' page:
    'My selection' page:
  • Preorder on product level previously created error messages when checking out a B2B selection. Instead, the product level 'preorder' stock type will now always be overridden by the 'delivery window' stock type. This is how the setting look like on product level:
  • Broken CMS page when viewed on mobile is now fixed
  • Previously, when trying to access an inactive product page the loader kept spinning without resolving. The issue is now fixed
  • It's now possible to access the Lookbook page again
  • The checkout page layout now includes units as intended
  • Lookbook previously displayed the 'Add to selection' checkboxes, now they are removed
  • Arrow icons were not visible in the Toolbar on the CMS page, now it's fixed
  • Shipping and Invoice countries were shown as codes when browsing as an anonymous user - the full country name is now shown
  • Fixed issue with duplicated pop-ups on orders/order-sheet pages

♻ Change

  • Renamed 'Agent' to 'Sales rep' in the store setting for email confirmation. This is how it looked before the change:
    And this is how it looked after the change:

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