Centra 2.108.0

Released on 3 of August

ūü•Ě New Features

  • Added setting for disabling customer registration emails from our Shop API
  • Optimize Shop API Campaigns endpoint
  • Integration API (GraphQL) updated with newest patch including nullable columns
  • Added disable/enable toggle to Shop API so users can choose whether to send customer registration emails when adding or updating a customer
  • Improved request times to Shop API campaign endpoints making them 7 x faster
  • The¬†Paypal Commerce¬†plugin & features:
    • Dual payment capture functionality
      • Payment in the checkout using¬†the¬†Paypal smart button
      • Payment via redirect to Paypal
    • Paypal merchant account notifications built right in to Centra
    • Simple connection to a¬†Paypal merchant account directly from the plugin settings
    • Flexible assignment and restrict settings that include market, country, pricelist and language
  • The custom¬†External Payment plugin¬†& features:
    • Facilitates use of any¬†Payment Service Provider not supported by a full Centra¬†integration
    • Core functionality:¬†
      • Selection¬†finalisation
      • POST Payment and response functionality
      • Conversion¬†to a Centra order
    • The payments themselves should be finalized server-side as a payload signature using shared secret will be required
    • We advice combining it¬†with our Checkout API for other data points

ūüźõ Fixed

  • Updated the customer data we provide for use by Voyado when sending forgotten password emails in order to fix API errors. The email handler now includes customer market and is converted to 'ExternalId' in the API response
  • Resolved an issue with Returns cost calculations in our Sales:Transaction report so that correct totals are shown
  • Updated stock count logic for bundles to ensure bundles cannot be ordered or placed on backorder incorrectly
  • Corrected voucher logic used when customers apply multiple 'Order Total' vouchers in checkout. Total due is now correctly calculated based on all vouchers and line items
  • Updated VAT tax rule that incorrectly added VAT to invoices twice
  • Improved the 'create order from selection' function in Centra so that products aren't duplicated in both bundles, and as seperate line items
  • Updated tax rule application on invoice totals when editing invoices connected to orders. The fix resolves problems with duplication and missmatches of tax rules

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