Centra 2.105.0

Released on 28 of June

🥝 New Features

  • Delivery windows are now displayed on the product in the store attributes
  • Integration API (GQL) updates: Added Media Import functionallity
  • Case sensitiveness removed in the search field. For example, you'll now be able to use both sku: and SKU: when searching for an article number
  • You can now test the Adyen drop-in plugin against the setup in Adyen. Testing will help eliminate issues before going live and make it possible to catch misconfigured settings such as incorrect credentials

🐛 Fixed

  • We now handle display fallback when sorting by product name
  • The Min_order_value static will now work correctly when backorders are enabled in the Store settings
  • The issue with stock not being checked during the checkout for orders with multiple preorder and stock delivery windows has been fixed
  • The issue with specific delivery window discounts not being applied when creating the selection in Centra has been fixed
  • The issue with delivery windows being removed when adding a prepack to the selection has been fixed
  • The issue with cancelling variants in placed orders not working properly has been fixed
  • We've refactored the Subscription functionality and made it work with Adyen drop-in
  • Fixed the double payment issue when orders were placed at the same time
  • Fixed empty customer cart

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