Centra 2.103.0

Released on 31 of May

đŸ„ New Features

  • Breaking changes in the Integration API We are excited to announce the release of multiple new features to our Integration API (GraphQL). Please note that some of them come with breaking changes that will require you to update your queries. Read more about it in the change log.

Here are the most prominent changes:

  1. 'StringMatch' is now used in most filters accepting a single 'String' or an array of 'String's. This allows you to control whether the given field should return only exact matches or if partially matching objects should be returned too.


  2. Mapped and dynamic attributes just got unified under the common 'Attribute' interface, related permissions got simplified too. See the change log for more details

  3. Limits are now validated more strictly. The allowed values are now between '1' and '200' (inclusive)

  4. Each query now returns the complexity and a list of permissions used under 'extensions' node

  • Added functionality to send extraAttribute to Rule
  • We now send the language code to Voyado in transactional emails
  • Updated the DHL integration to match new EU tax regulations by adding additional fields
  • SIEv4 changes according to the new EU tax regulations. Now you are able to divide tax/accounts per country and not only per region

🐛 Fixed

  • Fixed the incorrectly submitted URL in the new currency form
  • The pricelists xml update breaking on not existing variant has been fixed
  • Customer that are registrated when KCO is finalizing, no longer need to be updated twice for birthdate/gender
  • Fixed the issue of duplicating sales totals in the Sales:Transaction Report when a product had multiple suppliers
  • Fixed the Voucher total ex vat in the Sales:Transaction Report which previously showed wrong amount
  • Fixed the harm code and harm code description in the Proforma PDF
  • Configured the single element attributes with properties to be handled as regular single elements
  • Added sortOrder to checkoutAPI Products
  • Configured the M3 import to update Wholesale accounts as UK(EU)

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