Centra 2.104.0

Released on 14 of June

🥝 New Features

  • New updates to the Integration API, including:
    • Exposing the customer birthdate
    • Exposing more translations (variant name, variant attributes, store item attributes, display name, display attributes, gift cert, country)
  • Added a new Store setting for allocating from multiple warehouses. The setting is called 'Direct to Shipment creates one shipment per warehouse' and only works if 'Direct to Shipment' is set to 'Yes'
  • Return cost added in the Sales:Transaction report

🐛 Fixed

  • We now send Ingrid's shipping methods to Voyado when an order is shipped
  • Fixed the issue of the incorrect shipping alternatives that were showing under shipped products on Shipments. We will display the shipping method used on the order instead of the default one
  • Fixed the issue we had related to changing the shipping method after selecting ship-from-store which previously kept the Allocation Rule on the order while also stored the Check First warehouse
  • The 'EDIT/SAVE' button is now fixed on the Brick and Mortar setup, as well as the 'Confirm' button in the Google place location pop-up
  • Fixed the product format in the Document template for Delivery Notes and Order export PDF's
  • Fixed the issue of when products with multiple suppliers multiplied the total sales in the Sales:Transaction Report
  • Impoved handling of US sales tax
  • Fixed the issue of the Harm code and Harm code description fields which broke the Proforma PDF

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